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Implementing a Continuous Peripheral Nerve Block Program in your Facility will lead to Greater Patient Satisfaction, Decreased Health Care Resource Utilization, Improved Safety, More Business and Profit for you and your Facility. There is a great deal more to establishing a Nerve Block Program than learning how to perform the nerve blocks. Success depends as much on the organization and infrastructure of the program as it does on nerve block technique.
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CPNB Consulting offers the tools and training you need to begin or maintain a successful nerve block program. Register on this site to receive access to exclusive content, tips & tricks, training videos and more.
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What exactly is a CPNB? A CPNB is a procedure used by your anesthesiologist to manage pain due to surgery directly at the site of the pain. To learn more about the benefits of CPNBs and see real patient testimonials, click the "For Patients" link above.
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Individualized Nerve Block Program Development

   CPNB Consulting can help you economically start or extend an existing service into a profitable and sustainable Continuous Nerve Block Program in an individualized and time-efficient manner. We are an On-Site 'Turn Key' consulting service that will Establish an entire Nerve Block Program throughout your Facility and provide all of your staff with training, education and ongoing management and advice. We will help to ensure your success by avoiding the the common mistakes that are made with the implementation of system-wide programs, and because of our extensive experience, we will help you attain your goals efficiently, effectively and safely.

     Outside of our premier service, we can also help with Practical Ongoing Advisement or 1-3 Day Intensive 'Refresher Courses' (CME credits available) complete with valuable 'Hands-On' Live Model and Phantom Practice as well as Proctoring during your live cases. These services are designed to invigorate and advance your existing Nerve Block Program or help you decide whether you are ready to incorporate these services in your facility. CPNB Consulting continues to grow by following the most current recommendations, developing specialized education tools and practices and individualizing our training to your unique circumstances and needs.

     There are literally hundreds of facts to absorb and skills to master throughout your facility that are necessary in order to sustain a safe and well-organized Nerve Block Program. Without expert guidance, the pitfalls and complexities involved cause most programs to develop too slowly and underachieve or fail outright. We will help you focus on the practical handful of facts and skills that you and your staff need at your unique facility so that you can start making a difference today, then we will guide you at your pace so you will avoid mistakes and stay on course.  CPNB Consulting is focused on creating sustainable and profitable programs in the 'Real World' of private practice. 

Medical Device Patents & Consulting

CPNB CONSULTING LLC offers consulting services to a variety of leading companies in the Regional Anesthesia and Medical Ultrasound markets. Since teaming up with Healthcare Evolution LLC, we have assisted in patent development, validation and successfully bringing existing patents to market. We also provide assistance with the development of medical products, by offering market insight or with training the medical staff of your clients or of company employees.

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