About CPNB Consulting

About CPNB Consulting

     CPNB Consulting has in mind the Anesthesia Provider or Hospital System that has found it difficult and expensive to learn and implement the various skills needed to begin or expand this much-needed and beneficial service and needs assistance organizing the infrastructure necessary for sustainability and growth. The goal of CPNB Consulting is to expand the utilization of these valuable services one Practitioner or Group at a time to the benefit of your practice, your surgeons, your facility and your patients.

     CPNB Consulting can help you economically start or extend an existing service into a profitable and sustainable Continuous Nerve Block Program in an individualized and time-efficient manner. We are an On-Site ‘Turn Key’ consulting service that will Establish an entire Nerve Block Program throughout your Facility and provide all of your staff with training, education and ongoing management and advice. We will help to ensure your success by avoiding the the common mistakes that are made with the implementation of system-wide programs, and because of our extensive experience, we will help you attain your goals efficiently, effectively and safely.

     The process begins with thorough assessment your particular Facility, your current level of practice, your needs and short and long-term goals. A plan is then formulate to systematically integrate fundamental processes and organize appropriate training in an efficient manner to get you the tools and ‘know how’ to grow independently. As your needs change and your program grows, CPNB Consulting can provide additional advice and training as you see fit. This allows CPNB Consulting to make a distinctive and substantial impact for you and for your community.

CPNB Consulting     Outside of our premier service, we can also help with Practical Ongoing Advisement or 1-3 Day Intensive ‘Refresher Courses’ (CME credits available) complete with valuable ‘Hands-On’ Live Model and Phantom Practice as well as Proctoring during your live cases. These services are designed to invigorate and advance your existing Nerve Block Program or help you decide whether you are ready to incorporate these services in your facility. CPNB Consulting continues to grow by following the most current recommendations, developing specialized education tools and practices and individualizing our training to your unique circumstances and needs.

     There are literally hundreds of facts to absorb and skills to master throughout your facility that are necessary in order to sustain a safe and well-organized Nerve Block Program. Without expert guidance, the pitfalls and complexities involved cause most programs to develop too slowly and underachieve or fail outright. We will help you focus on the practical handful of facts and skills that you and your staff need at your unique facility so that you can start making a difference today, then we will guide you at your pace so you will avoid mistakes and stay on course. 

     CPNB Consulting is focused on creating sustainable and profitable programs in the ‘Real World’ of private practice. This includes not only teaching the technical skills to perform particular nerve blocks, but how to recognize the key elements in your infrastructure that must be in place and grow as your program expands. Beyond all of this, the model of CPNB Consulting centers on  mentoring you as you develop you comfort with many of the non-technical aspects of patient care. Some of these areas include: appropriate patient selection, procedure choice, intra-operative plan development, trouble-shooting and post-operative patient management. These critical aspects are difficult to discern from textbooks or workshops and can only be learned through experience and ongoing feedback.

    My background has been with private practice groups that had unfavorable payer mixes, but my nerve block programs are still profitable for our groups and the hospitals. I make the assumption that you do not have underpaid fellows and residents to do the grunt work for you. Your solutions are meant to work in your busy private practice. As well, I am interested in giving you practical knowledge and skills that are in line with the academic literature, but not limited or avoidant due to the limited data in existence.





Follow this website regularly for ongoing updates and tips to improve your skill and perspective. You are welcome to email questions, comments or requests for future topics to jjonesmd@CPNBconsulting.com or you can leave them on the YouTube site. Thanks for your interest and keep on learning!



REMEMBER, the tips and techniques described on this website reflect my professional opinion and experience. You must take this into consideration when attempting new procedures or altering your current practice. Do not attempt any of these techniques without appropriate support on-hand. Use your own clinical judgement and experience when attempting these techniques especially when performing them for the first time.