Administrator Testimonials

Stephen Grubbs - CEO - Paris Region Medical Center - Paris, TXJanuary 28, 2014

As a hospital CEO, I strongly encourage other hospitals to evaluate the benefits of implementing the post-surgical pain management program offered by Dr. Jerry Jones with CPNB Consulting.  I have personally experienced the benefits of Dr. Jones’ work at my last two hospitals.  These benefits include enhanced patient safety, improved resource utilization and significant improvements in patient, employee and physician satisfaction.

Nothing speaks louder than positive patient testimonials and I have had patients call, write and even stop by my office to tell me how wonderful the continuous peripheral nerve block (CPNB) was and how it dramatically improved their recovery and overall surgery experience.  Dr. Jones has demonstrated the ability to educate, motivate and coach our anesthesia and nursing team(s) in a very short period of time.  He understands the importance of building a complete and comprehensive post-surgical pain management program and that is why our hospital has elected to engage CPNB Consulting for this service.

I am convinced that this type of post-surgical pain management will one day be the standard of care and I am proud that Paris Regional Medical Center is a part of such great advancements in care.


Stephen J. Grubbs
Chief Executive Officer
Paris Regional Medical Center
Paris, TX