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I met Dr. Jones when he joined our anesthesia group at Regional One Health. While I felt comfortable with basic blocks when I left residency, I hadn’t done them in a long time. My ultrasound skills, which were only average before, had significantly degraded with time. Dr. Jones understood my desire to become competent in ultrasound guided regional anesthesia, and reassured me that he could get be competent if I was willing to put in the time. Between his didactic and practical guidance, and my supervised practice, I now feel comfortable again and have learned new blocks. It is a very satisfying feeling being able to feel comfortable picking up the ultrasound getting a patient from poor pain control to good pain control. I continue to seek him out to expand my skills and to help patients who would benefit from his expertise.


Gill Ravpreet M.D.

Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Anesthesiologist, Regional One Health

Memphis, Tennessee


Dr Jones, Michelle, Frank, and Drew:

I wanted to send an email to thank you all very much for the CPNB course this past Saturday at Baptist Health in Lexington.  The course exceeded my expectations.  Dr Jones you are a true champion for Regional Anesthesia and for what can be done to make patient care exceptional.  I love the quote by Aristole “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”  I believe that excellent patient care should be the standard and that by developing habits like Dr Jones shared with us, we can become the best at what we do in the state of Kentucky!  The feedback that I have received from those in attendance at the meeting has been very positive.  I am now looking to help guide us to reach the goals that I know we can achieve, developing a program consistent with what Dr Jones has done done at other hospitals.  I look forward to working with each one of you as we move forward, I really feel like the sky is the limit!

Dr Jones:

I wanted to send you a personal email to thank you for the course this past saturday.  The passion you have for this work is amazing!  I sometimes feel like I am the only person who has this much passion for regional anesthesia but then I met you.  Thank you for staying as long as you did saturday, it was a great opportunity to learn from you.  I registered on your website and spent a lot of time yesterday learning more from your tips and tricks and specific block pages.  Your website is very well done and very helpful.  I would enjoy the opportunity to have you mentor me along the way as we try to achieve an excellent program here in Lexington.  Enjoy your time at the ASA this week.  Thanks again for your time and passion.

Kind Regards:
John M. Edwards CRNA, MS

Central Kentucky Anesthesia                                                                                                                                                                                                Lexington, Kentucky
2014-10-10 16.15.13



I am a board certified anesthesiologist Paris Regional Medical Center.  I have been practicing anesthesia for more than 12 years in Paris, Texas.  We have several orthopedic cases including joint replacements every day.  In the past we did a lot of single shot nerve blocks with nerve stimulators and tried continuous nerve blocks.  Now Dr. Jones and his assistant Sara brought comprehensive continuous peripheral nerve block with ultra sound technique to the hospital.

Dr. Jones is enthusiastic, friendly and confident anesthesiologist.  His expertise in ultra sound technique and teaching skills are invaluable.  We all appreciate and acknowledge his generous hard work.


Anesthesiologist Testimonial - Zaw Win - Paris Regional Medical CenterZaw Win, M.D.


Paris Regional Medical Center

Paris, TX


“You are so motivating…It’s ridiculous!!”

“I wish I hadn’t wasted my CME money on the course I just attended!”

Select Anesthesia Services, PA

Houston, Texas



I was new to ultrasound nerve blocks. I went to a couple of seminars, bought a couple of books and tried to understand how to perform these blocks before actually doing these on patients. In reality, I could quickly do interscalene blocks and femoral blocks with a nerve stimulator and had performed several of these without difficulty. So, change was…shall I say…hard for me.

Finally, I bought a new Sonosite ultrasound machine. I was convinced I was ready to make the big leap to the world of ultrasound guided nerve blocks. I attempted to use the new ultrasound machine without much success. I became unsure of my skills and for that reason the machine sat in a corner for about 2 months.

Then, Dr Jones came to my practice in September 2013. He taught me more in 3 days than I learned in several thousand dollars worth of seminars and numerous weekends. He guided me through multiple nerve blocks including interscalene, supraclavicular, femoral, popliteal, tap blocks and others, including placing catheters under ultrasound. All I can say is OMG! It was amazing and my confidence rose from reluctant to “let’s get ready to rumble”.

Now, Dr Jones gone, could I actually do these on my own? Let me say, ultrasound is “my friend” and I use it on every block now. I performed like a champ with just a few days help from Dr Jones. I am so astonished at how quickly Dr Jones was able to give me the understanding and knowledge I needed to finally become an ultrasound believer. Today, I know exactly where my injection is going and have the certainty that it will work as expected.

If you are needing help in learning and/or performing ultrasound guided nerve blocks, you want to improve your technique or just add additional blocks to your repertoire, give Dr Jones a call. He is an excellent teacher, and you will be performing ultrasound guided nerve blocks in no time and never look back again.

Thomas C Henris M.D.Thomas C. Henris M.D.


Coffee Regional Medical Center

Douglas, Georgia



I am a board-certified anesthesiologist and was lucky enough to be a part of the first block program set up by Dr Jerry Jones. As with all new things, it was met with some excitement, but also a great deal of skepticism. Most of this came from people who have been doing things one way and were just resistant to change. Jerry, however, continued to push on and eventually won almost everyone involved over. Some of this had to do with Dr Jones’ persistence but most had to do with a clear understanding of how much better things were for the patients. Personally, I felt this may be just a fad at first, but quickly was won over once I made a few post-op calls to patients who normally would have been admitted but were at home and very comfortable.

Jerry was an excellent teacher, and I’ve never met anyone with more enthusiasm for this. Having been in practice for 22 years, it is sometimes hard to stay abreast of newer techniques and procedures. It’s also easy to remain rooted to familiar ways of doing things and Jerry ran into a lot of “teaching old dogs new tricks”. For me, though, it brought me back to one of the main reasons I chose anesthesia in the first place, which was my love for doing things with my hands. In the hustle and bustle of a busy practice sometimes it doesn’t seem practical to do these things but once I had done enough to get off the steep part of the learning curve, it became a pleasure and very rewarding. Our practice is in a suburban area and we now are getting patients from other areas including the city because of our willingness to do these blocks. None of this would have been possible without the input of Dr Jones. I am also convinced that these things are not going away. With all the latest data in the journals regarding blocks for cancer surgeries including breast and colon, I am sure that there are many more for me to learn.

Most of what I know about these blocks I learned from Dr Jones. I have been to a couple of courses, including one as part of the PGA in New York last year. I can honestly say that they were nothing more than a review for me, as everything taught there I had already learned from Dr Jones. In closing, let me just say that I have never been around a more enthusiastic and patient teacher and would heartily recommend Dr Jones to anyone looking to get involved with peripheral nerve blocks.



Chip Criswell M.D.

Anesthesiologist, MMC Anesthesia

Methodist Medical Center, Oak Ridge, Tennessee




Dr. Jerry Jones is a caring anesthesiologist/physician; a front-runner in the area of ultrasound and nerve blocks.  His passion is seen in the education of our nurse anesthesia students, the education of nurse anesthesia faculty, and his interest in a relationship with Union University for continuing education of CRNAs and anesthesiologists.

I have had a chance to hear Dr. Jones in the classroom, as he passionately teaches our students about the benefits of all types of nerve blocks.  He gives them a thorough understanding of the importance of blocks and the improved patient outcome when utilizing this as part of their anesthetic.

I have also observed him teach the students about the anatomy involved with blocks, as well as ‘going through the motions’ of doing blocks on human cadavers.  Dr. Jones has been involved with our senior workshop where our soon-to-be graduates are on campus for a day to focus on nerve blocks, ultrasound, spinals, epidurals, and central line insertion.

The students that rotate through our local hospital with Dr. Jones are so impressed with his knowledge and his ability to convey that knowledge to them.  The experience they receive in the days they spend with him changes their entire view of the perioperative care of the patient.  They see that the surgical patient can experience less pain and nausea, and be discharged from the hospital sooner.

Dr. Jones has allowed nurse anesthesia faculty to ‘shadow’ him in his day-to-day practice with patients, allowing exposure to many types of blocks and ultrasound.  He takes the time to explain not only the procedure, but the importance in the postoperative recovery of the patient.  His goal is to move the patient through their surgical stay as quickly and pain-free as possible.

Dr. Jones has been involved with our university in planning continuing education opportunities which will make a difference in the care of our patients.  Whether it is in the educational realm or the professional realm, his goal is to inform others of alternatives in care that will benefit our patients as well as promote our profession.  It is a true privilege to be involved with this innovative practitioner.


Molly Wright Union UniversityMolly Wright MSN, APRN, CRNA

Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
Chair, Nurse Anesthesia Track
Union University
Jackson, Tennessee



Thanks so much for today. My team has been sending me messages of thanks all day and have mentioned how they thought the workshop was so worthwhile and informative. Both the lectures and hands on were great and I think we will all definitely start getting more aggressive with US guided blocks and soon CPNB also.  There were a lot of “pearls” there and I particularly liked the archetypal images to help get a good anatomical image of things.

Hope you have a great trip home and I will email or call you as we move forward. Thanks again for a wonderful morning!


Bal Nandra M.D.

President, Metro Anesthesia Consultants LLC